Candied Crockpot Ham

This year we chose to do an easy Thanksgiving - just ham, sweet potatoes, and rolls. I found a yummy, easy recipe and adapted it to our tastes. After this tasty meal was over, I made ham broth; if you've never made your own broth, DO IT! It's the best tasting, most nutritious broth you'll ever have! Just simmer any leftover bones, meat, and fat in water for 36-48 hours, strain, cool, and freeze in 1 cup portions!

1 to 2 cups brown sugar
bone-in ham
1 can pineapple (tidbits or crushed)

Cover the bottom of your crockpot with a thin layer of brown sugar. Place ham in the crock, dump the pineapple over top of it, then rub the remaining brown sugar on the outside of the ham. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or until heated through. Pull the ham out and onto a serving plate, leaving the juice and pineapple behind (to be tossed). It was practically falling off the bone for us, and was super juicy and tender. Enjoy!

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