Crockpot Apple Butter for Canning

Makes Approx: 8-9 pints

Approx 25-30 apples (about 8 lbs) 1 cup apple cider
4 cups dark brown sugar
4 tablespoons cinnamon

Wash and slice apples, then add your sliced apples to the Crock Pot to the very top of the lid. Turn the Crock Pot on low, covered, and let cook untouched for 10-12 hours. I usually start this in the afternoon or evening so the next step is ready in the morning when I wake up.

Using an immersion blender, puree the apples until it is completely smooth. Add brown sugar and cinnamon to the puree using the immersion blender to blend them in well. Replace the lid on the puree but turn it slightly skewed about 1 inch so that steam will be able escape. Continue to let it cook down on low for another 8-10 hours. You don't need to stir this but you certainly may occasionally if you wish.

To fill the jars: Using your canning funnel fill the jars using your ladle. Fill the jars to 1/4" head space. Using a wet paper towel wipe the rims of the jars. Add hot lids/ring and water bath 5 minutes for half-pints or pints, 10 minutes for quarts. Adjust per altitude.

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