Homemade Baby Wipes

Poor James has a hard time digesting juice and fruits. He gets horrible rashes, especially after apple juice. While we don't give him much juice, I still wanted to find less expensive, gentler way to clean his little bum than with store bought wipes. I went to a MOPS meeting recently where one of the mom's shared her "recipe" for homemade wipes. I had seen wipes on Pinterest that used paper towels, but these wipes use quilted napkins, which I love so much more!

1 package Bounty Quilted Napkins
4 cups warm water
4 Tablespoons Dr. Bronner's Almond soap (or your preferred gentle, natural soap)
4 Tablespoons sweet almond oil (or your preferred organic oil)
15-30 drops of essential oils (I used 15 drops of ylang-ylang and 15 drops of bergamot)

Put your napkins in your container. Mix the soap and oil in the warm water, then pour over your napkins.
I have two smaller tubs that I use, so I split my liquid down the middle. Once I've poured the liquid over the napkins, I kind of shuffle them - you know, move the soaked napkins to the middle of the pile, and then squish down with my hand to try and force the liquid into the rest of the napkins. After they've sat (covered) for a few hours, I go back and test napkins deeper in the pile to make sure they're all moist, and if they're not, I add another quarter cup or so of water until it's the right moistness for me.

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