Steak and Eggs

This recipe is so simple, it's barely a recipe. I'm a little embarrassed to post it, but must because of my desire to be absolutely thorough in documenting the meals that we enjoy! Steak and eggs is nothing new. It's very filling and super easy to throw together. Each "recipe" will serve one person.
1 steak
2 Tbsp cooking fat (bacon fat, butter, coconut oil)
2 eggs
salt and pepper to season

Season your steak with salt and pepper. Cook it. We like to grill ours, but if you pan fry it, use the same pan to cook your eggs. I prefer my eggs scrambled with cheese, but for a really tasty treat, do it Mike's way: cook them until the whites are just set, and when you are eating your steak, dip it in the runny yolk.

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