I Hate April Fool's Day...

...and playing yet *another* practical joke on me won't change my mind.
My hubs loves April Fool's. So does the rest of his family. Which was fine and dandy when we lived close to them, because he could "fool" them, and they could "fool" him, and I wasn't involved. Now that we're in Houston, nearly 1200 miles away, I am the target.
Now I'm no Scrooge, I love fun and silly things on April Fools Day (for dinner I made meatloaf "cupcakes", frosted them with mashed potatoes, and topped them with a cherry tomato - which would have been more realistic if I'd had red tomatoes on hand): But I don't like mean jokes or lies disguised as an April Fool's surprise (like "Honey I got in a car wreck and am in the hospital" or the myriad of "I'm engaged" or "I'm pregnant" status changes on Facebook). I decided years ago that on April 1st, I wouldn't believe a thing anyone told me.
This year I reminded Mike how much I hate April Fool's and was sure I wouldn't be tortured. Wrong! Because if *he* loves something, and I don't, he takes that as a challenge to change my mind. Well, screwing with my computer and changing settings so I can't check my email or reconcile our budget sure doesn't change my mind. In fact, it just infuriates me. And since I'm pregnant, it makes me cry.
I hate April Fool's Day, and I'm having a hard time not hating the people who love it.

*update* I found an article on LDS.org about "lightmindedness" and just realized it fits well with my distaste for these kinds of "jokes". Check it out!